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The GL Spectis 8.0 is a unique, integrated Spectroradiometer featuring a high-sensitivity back thinned, cooled Hamamatsu CCD image sensor and a revolutionary Optical Stray Light Reduction* method which brings spectral light measurement to a new higher level than ever seen before. The Spectis 8.0 is the only product on the…
The GL Spectis 6.0 LED spectroradiometer, expands on our family of high-end light spectrometers optimized specifically for production and large laboratory setups for the high speed measurement of SSL products (IESNA LM-79-08), LED wafers, large street lamps and luminaries in accordance with the new global standard CIE S025 standard. Whenever…
With the GL Spectis 5.0 Touch optical spectrometer, the accuracy and configurability of portable light measurement devices has been taken to a new level.
Increased usage of UV LEDs necessitates applications of accessible and reliable measurement tools. Radiant power at exact wavelength value is very important to design and to evaluate systems involving UV radiation. On the other hand, inferred LEDs used in sensor technology and machine vision systems require dependable performance testing to…
The Ultimate Portable Light Spectrometer
World’s first smart spectrometer with touch screen;
Hand held Spectral Light Meter
This high-quality and easy-operating device gives you all you need for reliable light measurement.

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