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MAP-200 Multiple Application Platform
MAP-200 Multiple Application Platform

Plataforma Multiaplicación - MAP-200


The JDSU Multiple Application Platform (MAP-200) is an optical test and measurement platform optimized for cost-effective development and manufacturing of optical transmission network elements. Today's rapidly changing optical market requires investment in productivity-enhancing technologies and tools, making the MAP-200 scalable test platform the right tool needed in even the most stringent environments. Based on the previous-generation Multiple Application Platform (MAP), the MAP-200 builds on the differentiation of offering the broadest portfolio of modules in the densest and most configurable platform.

The MAP-200 is optimized for test applications in lab and manufacturing environments ranging from insertion loss testing to dispersion penalty testing. Applications Enables transceiver and transponder testing .

Permits comprehensive passive and active component, laser, and ampli­fier testing

Facilitates 10 G and 40 G system and subsystem testing

MAP Broadband Source

MAP Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier

MAP Fabry-Perot Laser

MAP Large Channel Count Switch

MAP Light Emitting Diode Source

MAP Insertion Loss and Return Loss Test Modules

MAP Polarization Controller

MAP Optical Power Meter

MAP Small Channel Count Switch

MAP Swept Wavelength Test System

MAP Tunable Filter

MAP Utility

MAP Variable Backreflector

MAP Variable Optical Attenuator

MAP Tunable DBR Laser

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