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Optical Radiation Measurement -  Compliance to IEC 62471 and IEC 14255


Artificial and natural optical radiation sources, including light sources, can emit optical radiation from outside the visible spectrum – from the ultraviolet and infrared range, which can be the source of serious photobiological hazards to human eyes and skin. Particularly ultraviolet radiation is the main source of photobiological hazards but exposure to visible (especially blue light) and infrared radiation can also be harmful, when certain limits have been exceeded.


Compliance to IEC 62471 and IEC 14255

International standards and legal documents (EN/IEC 14255 and EN/IEC 62471) put an obligation on lighting equipment manufacturers to inform their users about the photobiological risks connected with using their products. This information is especially relevant to employers who are obliged to follow the legal regulations connected with light quality in a work place.

To support lighting manufacturers and photometric laboratories in the assessment of risk groups in accordance with international standards, GL Optic delivers a portable, laboratory grade instrument system which simplifies this complex measurement tasks.

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