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T-72C+ high definition core aligning fusion splicer with NanoTune™ technology

  • With SumiCloud™ for preventative maintenance and other cloud services
  • Powered by NanoTune™ technology for an enhanced splicing experience
  • Long life battery for 320 splice and heat shrink cycles
  • Compatible with Sumitomo’s Lynx fusion splice-on field assembly connectors
  • Extended information-> HERE

Road lighting luminance measurement using the new imaging luminance meter, GL Opticam 3.0..... Extended Information-> HERE

EXCELITAS Technologies just released a brand new updated data sheet  of its popular and worldwide reputed SPCM - Single Photon Counting Module - highlighting and providing additional important product specifications which are relevant for the most demanding photon counting detection applications .   

EXCELITAS Technologies world leader in IR detection and photonic detection products launches updated IR Sensing Solutions catalog

 Omicron  brings more flexibility into the world of diode lasers with its new “BrixX ps” laser series. Through simply changing in the operating mode one device offers either picosecond pulsed or modulated CW-operation.

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