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Excelitas launches uptated IR detection catalog

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EXCELITAS Technologies world leader in IR detection and photonic detection products launches updated IR Sensing Solutions catalog

Sensing what you need- from motion and presence sensors for secure homes to gas detection systems, indoor climate control systems and ear thermometers

Excelitas IR Sensing Solutions  provide: Excellent performance, Strong Reliability and  Innovative features

Excelitas’ infrared sensing technologies are playing a vital role in creating a healthier, cleaner and safer tomorrow. Excelitas has gained worldwide recognition for the design and production of high-performance pyroelectric detectors, thermopile detectors and sensor modules which – every day – contribute to safeguarding homes, saving energy, and providing comfort. From motion and presence detection to gas detection, thermometryand indoor climate control applications, Excelitas’ IR sensing technologies and growing IR product range are meeting your challenges. We are sensing what you need for your cutting-edge applications.




















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