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First fully adapted system for road lighting measurements according to the EN 13201: 2016 standard

Until the appearance of GL OPTICAM 3.0 4K TEC the measurement of luminance distribution was a tedious, time-consuming and costly process, requiring the participation of many people with specialist knowledge. The new system for imaging luminance measurements provides full measurement data necessary to calculate the luminance distribution of the selected road and area lighting standard compliance in seconds. Unlike other laboratory meters, GL OPTICAM 3.0 4K TEC is the world’s first solution fully adapted to field measurements.

It includes TEC unit for thermal stabilisation of the image sensor, which compensates for measurement errors resulting from changing temperature conditions. Its hermetic housing ( IP 54 ) is designed for field work and prepared for different weather conditions – even in the rain, without the fear of camera damage. In addition, it has a battery power source which relieves the operator of the need for power generators and portable power supplies when working outdoors. A set of included accessories makes it easy to determine the measurement field and complete measurement process.

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