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Accurate photometric instruments for measurements and characterisation of light sources lamps and lighting systems.


GL PHOTOMETER 3.0 + Flicker is a high sensitivity and high sampling rate photometer capable of extensive measurements of light flicker in addition to regular photometry. Such features as wide dynamic range (0,001 – 10 000 000 lx), uncertainty of spectral response (f1’) less than 3 % (Class A) and cosine correction (f2’) below 1,5% (class A) allow even the most demanding measurement tasks to be solved.

Standalone fast photometer

The new GL Photometer 3.0 + Flicker can be used as a standalone photometer. It has been prepared to be used in many applications that require a precise measurement of illuminance on surfaces. It can be intuitively controlled by GL Spectrosoft or a dedicated API for external software. Connection by USB cable, provides power to the device, so no external sources or batteries are required.

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