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Founded in 1987 by a group of laser and electro-optic engineers, lasertechnology started its activities as a consultancy conpany to solve general industry problems basing our solutions applying the laser and photonic technologies.

This activity led us to stablish direct contact with various equipment and components manufacturers who, on a later stage, trusted us to expand their introduction in the Iberian Peninsula. This is how we started our history as agents and distributors of some of the most worldwide relevant and prestigeous manufacturers.

Although the scope of applications of the products we commercialize is quite wide, our trajectory and professional expertise has led us to concentrate on specific areas where we can offer a superior added value for our customers and technological partners.

Nowadays, these areas of expertise are focussed on :


  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometry and Attenuation
  • Fiber optic connector assembly
  • Fiber handling & splicing
  • Network Test & Protocol Analysis:  SDH/SONET , Gigabit Ethernet , Fiber Channel
  • Copper/Fiber Cabling Certification
  • Radio over Fiber Transmission ( SAT - MW)
  • Optical Transmission Components : Active & Passive



  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Optical Tweezers
  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • Holography and Interferometry
  • Optogenetics
  • Material Physics
  • Machine Vision
  • Optical Alignment


  • LED & LED Luminaire Characterization
  • Displays Characterization VIS - NVIS
  • Solar Radiation & UV light  Measurement
  • Power meter & Radiometer Calibration
  • Spectrofluorimetry

    • PV Cells Caharacterization

    Laser Technology  c/ Mestre J. Jambert,8, 08348 Cabrils - Barcelona | Tfno: +34 937 500 121