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Technology Partners

Business Sector

Nowaways, LASER Technology activity is the agency & distributionship of some of the most worldwide relevant and prestigeous manufacturers within the followoing technology segments :

5G Base Station Antenna -RF Spectrum Analyzers
Giga Ethernet Test 

Laboratory & Production Fiber Optic test

Interferometers for f.o. connectors inspection
Fiber Geometry Measurement
Interferometric Fiber inspection
Encircled Flux Measurement
Aerospace MM Light Sources w/ Encircled flux 85/85
MM Fiber launch conditioning
Modal shaker
Laser Beam Profilers


Specialty Fiber handling tools


Fusion Splicers & Cleavers
Fusion spliced fiber connectors

Lumentum small

Passive & Active fiber
Physical Layer

Connectors & Adaptors
Active Optical Cables


DPSS Lasers-Single Frecuency-375nm to 1064nm
Diode lasers - Narrow linewidth
Q-Switched lasers
Tunable lasers

Laser Diode systems CW & ps pulsed
Laser light Combiners
LED light Combiners

High Power CW-IR/VIS Fiber Lasers Narrow Linewidth

Fiber Lasers Narrow Linewidth

Helium-Cadmiun lasers

High Power LED sources for Microscopy & Optogenetics

Laser Diode Modules
Aligment & Machine vision


Excelitas logo
High power laser diodes for range finding


Measurement Equipment


Laser Power & Energy Meters



Integrating Spheres
Luminance meters - Automotive Lighting Measurement
LED & LED Luminaire optical characterization
Spectroradiometric Measurement & Calibration Services

UV light Radiometers

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) Test & Measurement equipment

Solar Simulators


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UV-VIS-IR Photodetectors PINs & APDs

SPCMs ( Single Photon Counting Modules )

SiPMs ( Silicon Photomultipliers )

CCD Camera arrays

Pyroelectric Detectors & Thermopile Detectors

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