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Sondas para Medida de LEDs
For measuring luminous intensity [cd] of LEDs,
The LED 25 optical probe is based on a 25mm inner diameter integrating sphere and 1cm² measurement port.
Measurement of the various radiometric und photometric quantities of LEDs requires selection of the appropriate accessory.
Assessment of the total radiant power or luminous flux of light sources using integrating spheres is one of the most important tests in light measurement.
For measuring irradiance and illuminance as well as for general coupling of light into the spectrometer,
Active cooling & heating socket for high power LEDs
Two different series of LED test sockets are available from Instrument Systems:
The newly developed LED Calibration Standards in the ACS-530 Series comprise a single stabilized high-power LED which is calibrated to luminous flux and luminous intensity or Averaged LED Intensity.

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