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Análisis de Protocolo y BERT
Análisis de Protocolo y BERT

Analizadores de Protocolo y Tasa de Error - Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SDH/SONET hasta 40Gb/s


The Xgig Analyzer offers a wide array of advanced analysis capabilities to enable users to achieve more robust product performance without sacrificing time-to-market. With its wide range of capabilities, including intelligent triggering, automated capture, and Xgig Expert analysis, troubleshooting time is reduced from hours to minutes.
OptoBERT™: Electrical and Optical & Bit-Error-Rate Testers (BERTs) The OptoBERT family of BERTs offers the best value in the industry for bit-error-ratio testing of optical and electrical components, subsystems and systems. OptoBERT family of products covers data rates from 100 Mb/s to 15Gb/s. BERT Products are: •OPBX150: 15 Gbps Bit-Error-Rate…

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