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The AutoCleaver™ is a fully automatic, ultra high-precision fiber cleaver with a typical cleave angle of less than 0.3 degrees. It is designed for industrial applications where high accuracy, reliability and a high production yield are required. A built-in microprocessor controls all parameters and settings such as fiber positioning, clamping, fiber tension and the exact position and speed of the diamond blade. The result is a perfect cleave every time. The AutoCleaver™ has a long-lasting diamond blade and it produces typically more than 30,000 cleaves per blade. The cleaver can be connected to a PC that gives access to all programmable parameters and settings. The AutoCleaver™ uses interchangeable adaptors to fit commercially available fusion splicers. The adapter is easily adjustable to the desired cleaving length. The automatic fiber waste disposal system removes any hazardous fiber scraps. The AutoCleaver™ comes in a small bench top design

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