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The ISP40 integrating sphere from Instrument Systems was developed for generally collecting radiation and for measurements of irradiance. The integrating sphere design ensures both an excellent cosine correction and a broad spectral range. The small inner diameter of 44 mm also guarantees good light throughput. The ISP40 comes with a fiber bundle connector and is available with different coating materials The ISP40 is ideally suited for analyzing collimated beams, such as those produced by optical imaging systems, fiber optics and endoscopes. The intrinsic "integrating" function of the sphere means that the entire beam is captured, regardless of whether it is divergent or convergent, and launched into the fiber and subsequently coupled into the spectrometer. A quartz glass dome is optionally available for all models to protect the optical port. ----------------------------- Learn more => http://www.instrumentsystems.com/products/general-accessories/isp-40-integrating-sphere-for-irradiance-measurement/

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