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The use of imaging photometers and colorimeters for fast capture of photometric and colorimetric quantities with spatial resolution has attracted increasing interest. Compared with measuring instruments without spatial resolutions, such as spectrometers, this technology offers the following advantages: •Substantial time-savings with simultaneous capture of a large number of measurements in a single image •Image-processing functions integrated in the software permit automated methods of analysis, e.g. calculation of homogeneity or contrast However, the absolute measuring precision of imaging photometers and colorimeters is not as high as spectroradiometers. This is because of the operational principle using a CCD Sensor in combination with optical filters, which can only be adapted to the sensitivity of the human eye with limited precision. Imaging photometers and colorimeters are the instruments of choice for: •Measurement of luminance and color distribution of panel graphics and control elements in the automotive industry and avionics •Measurement of homogeneity, contrast, mura and MTF of flat-panel displays •Analysis of luminous intensity distribution of lamps Instrument Systems developed the LumiCam model series optimized for these applications, incl. powerful Software. A range of resolutions and image sizes are covered by interchangeable objective lenses. The LumiCam 1300 imaging photometer and colorimeter captures complex luminance and color distributions in an instant. A monochrome version of the camera is available for applications requiring luminance measurements without color information. The LumiCam 1300 is based on the Interline CCD sensor ICX-285 from Sony, offering an exceptional signal to noise ratio, low smear and very low blooming. A multi-exposure mode provides up to 6 orders of magnitude of dynamic range in a single image, with an absolute measurement range covering 0.0001 to 100,000 cd/m². Higher luminance values are achievable through the use of optional optical density filters. The compact format of the LumiCam 1300 makes it very flexible and opens a diverse range of possible applications. The accompanying LumiCam Software provides comprehensive functions for convenient analysis and documentation of results. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Más información sobre los Fotómetros y Colorímetros de Imagen en : http://www.instrumentsystems.com/products/imaging-photometers-and-colorimeters/

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