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The DTS 500 positioning system complements the operation of Instrument Systems spectrometers by providing a route to full automation of measurements.

The positioning system is in particular suitable for determining viewing angle dependent properties and spatial homogeneity of display, panel graphics and LED lamp modules. The DTS 500 saves valuable time by eliminating manual alignment and guarantees more exact results with improved reproducibility.


Operation of the entire 5-axis system is fully integrated into the SpecWin Pro software. Measurement results can be viewed as luminance and contrast distributions in Cartesian or spherical coordinates with ISO contours lines. Data can additionally be exported in table format to Excel.

The DTS 500 is available in various configurations:

  • stand alone XYZ positioning system (e.g. for testing back-lit display and control elements for the automotive and aviation industries)
  • stand alone 2-axis goniometer (e.g. for measuring the spatial radiation pattern of lamp modules)
  • complete 5-axis system mounted on an optical bench (e.g. for testing LCD displays and entire instrument clusters)
  • optional mountings for TOP 200, LumiCam 1300 and LumiCam 4000 available

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