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•Measures Single fiber connectors and fiber cleaves. •Very small footprint – supplied by default with a laptop computer. Desktop PC available upon request. •Automatic reference mirror calibration – NO manual adjustments!! •Automatic connector centering – NO manual adjustments!! •Automatic focus – NO manual adjustments!! •Hermetically sealed optical module – a dusty production environment is no longer a problem. •High resolution camera and optics – results in improved repeatability and reproducibility. •Simple connections – just a single power cord and USB 2.0 port on the rear. •No anti-vibration table required. Fan-less design removes any system induced vibration. •Patented inspection mode and scratch analysis. •Fast measurement – less than 3 seconds (excluding auto focus). •“Auto Sense” technology, initiates a measurement automatically as soon as the connector is inserted. •Simple operation – centering, focus and the scan are all automatic. •Calibration is held on the instrument itself, eliminating the need to keep the interferometer and PC as a matched pair. •Software backup, calibration and an image of the supplied PC are all stored on the instrument itself, in non-volatile memory – making lost disks, viruses, deleted files, corrupted Windows and PC failures a snap to recover from. •Manufactured by a vendor that has sold more automated connector measuring interferometers than all other vendors combined. •Costs 30% less than the prior version and the complete system ships in a single 16”x16”x20” box when configured with a laptop.

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