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Polyimide Stripping: These tough coatings are difficult to remove without degrading the fiber’s mechanical integrity. Previous polyimide stripping technologies have either used thermal decomposition, which produces relatively low tensile strength, ~100 kpsi, or strong acid/alkali chemistry, which is hazardous and produces toxic waste. The Plasma Work Station, powered by the 3SAE Ring of Fire®, uses ion etching technology to remove polyimide coatings safely and cleanly. The resulting tensile strength is many times higher than that resulting from ordinary thermal stripping. Many stripped fibers have close to as-drawn strength, > 400 kpsi, with cleanly tapered interfaces and no charring. The standard PWS accommodates a single fiber up to 1000 μm diameter, with appropriate fixtures. Two standard size fibers, 125 μm cladding, can be processed simultaneously, with the available multiple fiber option,

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