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Instrument Systems launches new goniophotometer

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Instrument Systems, the global market leader for LED metrology, launches a new measuring system for Solid-State Lighting applications with the LGS 250 Goniophotometer.


The LGS 250 was developed specifically for the analysis of angle-dependent spatial radiation properties from small to medium-sized SSL luminaires, lamps and LED modules. This closes a gap with the very large goniometers. The horizontal alignment of the Type C coordinate system facilitates a particularly convenient and compact test setup for the system. Measurements can be taken in a range of +/- 160° in the forward direction of the test specimen which may have a maximum diameter of up to 480 mm and a maximum weight of 8 kg.


Combined with a spectroradiometer from Instrument Systems, all spectral quantities such as color coordinates, color temperature, and color rendering index can be determined as a function of angle. C-plane measurements can also be carried out very quickly “on the fly” using the Optronik DSP Photometer. The LGS 250 is supplied in two versions as a goniometer with a stable base and integrated LGS Controller, and as a benchtop version with separate 19” rack for the LGS Controller.


The SpecWin Pro software supplied permits convenient and efficient analysis of the measured data with a range of display options. The measured data obtained can also be exported in IES and EULUMDAT format. The LGS 250 is also compliant with all the relevant specifications in conformity with CIE, DIN and IES standards.

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