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Imaging Sensors
Imaging Sensors


For over 30 years, Excelitas has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of CCD arrays.

The SmartBlue™ digital linescan cameras incorporate the latest in photodiode array technology based on the industry standard Reticon® devices with state of the art electronics and a robust industrial camera housing. The linescan photodiode array is a Pinned Photodiode Charge Couple Device which allows for high sensitivity, fast readout, while…
The P-series and L-series linear imagers, the PT-series Time Delayed Integration (TDI) imager, and SB series Smart Blue digital line scan cameras.
These photodiode arrays are used to generate an X-ray image by scanning an object line by line
These arrays include detectors composed of several thermocouples typically connected in series. They are DC-type detectors and, thus, best suited for non-contact temperature measurement. Our thermopile modules are based on silicon micromachining technology. A special IR-absorption layer covers the hot junctions, creating the sensor’s sensitive area

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