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If larger areas need to be covered at higher resolution, then the LumiCam 4000 from Instrument Systems is the imaging photometer and colorimeter of choice.

Very high resolution images are acquired by the camera's 3980 x 2660 pixels, capturing even very fine details. Entire instrument clusters can be imaged in a single acquisition.


The LumiCam 4000 is based on the 11 mega pixel Interline CCD sensor KAI-11000 from Kodak and thus affords an exceptional signal to noise ratio coupled with low smear and low blooming. A multi-exposure mode provides up to 6 orders of magnitude of dynamic range in a single image, with a maximum range covering 0.005 to 50,000 cd/m². Higher luminance values are achieved through the use of optional optical density filters.

As a result of the scientific-grade 35mm format CCD sensor, very large areas measuring 0.7 x 0.5 m can be imaged using a 50 mm objective at distance of 1 m. The luminous intensity distribution of lamps can thus be determined relatively close to a reflecting screen.

The accompanying LumiCam Software provides comprehensive functions for convenient analysis and documentation of results.

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