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A common software platform has been developed for the LumiCam 1300 and LumiCam 4000 cameras that provides comprehensive analysis and display options of the captured data.

Luminance and color maps can be displayed in various, freely definable false color projections. The following display options are available:

  • luminous distribution
  • RGB color image
  • x, y, z and u', v' color coordinates
  • color temperature
  • dominant wavelength and color saturation
  • Delta E (the reference color is defined using the spotmeter or manually)

A range of powerful analysis tools are also included, specially designed to meet the requirements of display applications in the automotive industry:

  • Spotmeter can be placed in any desirable number and size. Minimum, maximum, and average luminance values as well as color coordinates and further colormetric parameters are determined automatically within each spotmeter. The determined color coordinates are displayed on a CIE diagram.
  • An object analysis with regard to contrast, as well as minimum, maximum and average luminance of both target and background areas is possible by the use of polygons.
  • A 3D display enables visualization of the luminance distribution in a 3D representation. The area of interest is selected and can be freely rotated over all spatial axes.
  • Using the object profile, a cross section through the luminance distribution can be quickly evaluated. This feature is ideal, for example, for analysis of profile sections and speedometer needles.

All data sets compiled by the analysis tools can be conveniently copied to the clipboard and subsequently pasted into Excel. Individual Pass/Fail test criteria can also be defined. Finally, specialized reporting capabilities rounds off the functionality of the LumiCam software

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