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•Measures BOTH multi fiber and single fiber connectors. •Very small footprint - supplied by default with a laptop computer. Desktop PC available upon request. •Automatic reference mirror calibration – NO manual adjustments!! •Automatic connector centering – NO manual adjustments!! •Automatic focus – NO manual adjustments!! •Hermetically sealed optical module – a dusty production environment is no longer a problem. •High resolution camera and optics - results in improved repeatability and reproducibility. •Simple connections – just a single power cord and USB 2.0 port on the rear. •No anti-vibration table required. Fan-less design eliminates any system induced vibration. •Patented reference guide pins are integrated into the chuck and made of ceramic, so they can never bend. •Fast measurement – typically less than 45 seconds including calibration verification. •No calibration whatsoever required when changing chucks from single fiber to MT/MTP® or MT-RJ. •Simple operation - insert the connector and right click to measure. Centering, focus and the scan are all automatic. •Calibration is held on the instrument itself, eliminating the need to keep the interferometer and PC as a matched pair. •Software backup, calibration and an image of the supplied PC are all stored on the instrument itself, in non-volatile memory – making lost disks, viruses, deleted files, corrupted Windows and PC failures a snap to recover from. •Manufactured by a vendor that has sold more automated connector measuring interferometers than all other vendors combined. •Costs 30% less than the prior version and the complete system ships in a single 16”x16”x20” box when configured with a laptop.

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