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The mORL-A1 is a powerful, compact singlemode Insertion Loss and Return Loss test meter for use with the JDSU advanced MAP-200 platform. One, single-slot module contains up to 4 sources (1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 nm), integrated power meter and optional 2x2 optical switch for automated bidirectional testing.
Unlike the historically popular JDSU RX3000 meter, the mORL-A1 return loss measurement is based on time domain technology and is often referred to as “mandrel-free.” Mandrel-free technology dramatically reduces test time by relieving the users from making slow, difficult, manual terminations during both the set-up and execution of return loss measurements. The mORL-A1 has been designed to exceed the measurement performance provided by our industry-standard RX3000 with 80 dB of return loss dynamic range, insertion loss display resolution of 0.001 dB, and measurement times as low as 6 s for two wavelengths. In addition, the mandrel-free technology also enables measuring the patch cord length. The mIL-A2 is a fully EF-compliant (ISO IEC 14763-3) multimode Insertion Loss test module for use with the JDSU advanced MAP-200 platform. Available in 50um or 62.5um configurations, one single-slot module contains two sources (850 & 1300nm), and integrated power meter. The PCT (Passive Component and Connector Test) Application software provides user interfaces for both R&D and manufacturing and combines the mORL-A1 and mIL-A2 with all the necessary peripherals to speed and simplify workflow. Key Features mORL-A1 Mandrel-free return loss measurements on fiber-optic patchcords as short as 70cm Fast, compact solution with 1310, 1490, 1550 and 1625 nm laser and optional bidirectional option in a single slot Measures ORL on terminated bulkheads mIL-A2 Fast, compact LED solution for 850 & 1300nm testing Modal power distribution fully compliant to ISO IEC 14763-3 General Features - mIL & mORL series modules Ultra high IL measurement accuracy with display resolution of ±0.001 dB Flexible turn-key software platform for manufacturing testing Quick measure mode for R&D users 12 and 24 fiber MT ready with optical switch and integrating sphere option Integrated inspection with pass/fail supports single & multi-fiber testing

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