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EXCELITAS Technologies just released a brand new updated data sheet  of its popular and worldwide reputed SPCM - Single Photon Counting Module - highliting and providing additional important product specifications which are relevant for the most demanding photon counting detection applications .   

EXCELITAS Technologies world leader in IR detection and photonic detection products launches updated IR Sensing Solutions catalog

EMCORE Introduces New DFB Laser Modules for Wireless and Distributed Antenna System Applications

The increasing demands on wireless networks from social media, texting, email, and uploading and downloading of applications, music, videos and photos is creating greater and greater need for deployment of cost-effective, integrated wireless DAS systems. Both the new 1764 and 1615 Series laser modules are designed, tested and optimized specifically to support highly-linearized wireless applications. These lasers are matched to 50 Ohm systems typical of wireless networks and have a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C for reliable performance in harsh node environments and narrow transmitter designs. Both models have bandwidth up to 2.7 GHz.

The 1764 1550 nm C-Band DWDM Laser Module features low adiabatic chirp to maximize signal quality over both short and long fiber lengths. The laser's superior linearity minimizes degradation of the broadcast signals caused by distortions and non-linear effects. The 1764 is available in all C-Band ITU grid wavelengths. The 1615 1310 nm DFB Laser Module also delivers superior linearity and supports fiber lengths up to 10 km without dispersion issues.

All EMCORE lasers utilize the highly-linear, directly-modulated DFB technology which has become synonymous with the highest-quality, high-speed photonics that drove the wide-scale deployment of fiber optics in CATV networks, satellite earth stations and mobile phone antenna sites. EMCORE's new 1764 and 1615 DFB lasers extend that heritage of performance and reliability to today's demanding DAS applications and are compatible with the 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) standard for wireless high-speed data communications over mobile devices.



Instrument Systems, the global market leader for LED metrology, launches a new measuring system for Solid-State Lighting applications with the LGS 250 Goniophotometer.

Cobolt lasers dance pulsed!
Nanosecond pulsed lasers and tunable mid-IR lasers The highly successful proprietary manufacturing technique, HTCure,has enabled us to readily turn complicated laser designs into compact and cost efficient industrial laser solutions.

The new mid-IR optical parametric oscillator (OPO) is no exception.  The most compact OPO about to hit the market has a footprint of 125x70x45 mm, contains both the ns pump source and the OPO and is tunable up to 50 nm around a selected center wavelength between 2-5 µm with up to 80 mW average power.
The passively Q-switched ns pump lasers are also available at 355 nm, 532 nm and 1064 nm with <5 ns pulse widths at 7 kHz pulse frequency and up to 1 W average power. The new pulsed lasers are targeting environmental monitoring, gas detection, material processing, MALDI-TOF, micro dissection and LIBS applications.

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