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The JDSU Power Over Fiber Module is an integrated power system that delivers electrical power to another location carried only by light over fiber.


This electrically-isolated power source can drive electronics in locations that are hazardous, electrically-noisy, remote, inaccessible, or exposed to extreme weather.

JDSU’s unique solution enables optical energy from a self-contained laser diode module to deliver light via fiber to a photovoltaic power converter for conversion to electrical energy. Power input to drive the laser is 5 V DC. Converter output is 5 V DC. The module can deliver up to 0.5 to 1 W of electrical power in the 750 to 850 nm and 900 to 1000 nm range depending on the laser source selected. Power can be delivered over distances of 0.5 km or greater using 62.5 or 100 μm multimode fiber.

The module provides interfaces to monitor laser power and temperature. The module is designed for easy heat sinking and for simple pinout for daughter board or ribbon cable connection.

Característics Principales

Key Features

  • Complete power delivery system using only fiber optic cable
  • Supports 750 to 850 nm and 900 to 1000 nm wavelength range delivering 0.5 to 1 W over 0.5 km ofmulti-mode fiber
  • 5 V DC input, 5 V DC output
  • Supports common fiber sizes: 62.5 or 100 µm
  • Laser power and temperature monitoring interface
  • Easy interfacing for designers



  • Electronic circuits operating in:
    - high RF, EMI, and magnetic fields
    - high voltage environments
    - extreme environmental conditions
  • Sensors, gauges, and actuators
  • Data communication transceivers
  • GPS and wireless receivers
  • Current transducers in high-voltage environments




















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